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DIAMNDS are a german based Synth-Pop-Duo and a bow to life. Big pop melodies crash into heartfelt lyrics, searching for the big longing everyone knows, but the fewest pursue. There’s something out there, which is hard to describe, but easy to feel. A beautiful melancholy, that is belonging to our world, on free run.


The topics are inspired both from the deepest, personal innerworld but also deal with Zeitgeist issues like the modern way of life in terms of capitalistic growth. Often these both perspectives come together and form a sphere in search for a deeper truth, far away from facts and figures.


With their first EP „Like a Diamond“ DIAMNDS set a landmark for their approach to international sounding, melancholic, but also popular Synth-Pop-Music, which will be followed up by their full-length debut.


© 2022 DIAMNDS

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